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B2B Video Roundtable Series 

What Keeps You Going as a CEO?
Bill McDermott, co-CEO SAP, and Mike Tannenbaum, NFL executive

How to Excel as a Leader
Marcus Buckingham, bestselling author and motivation speaker 
at Inc./Fast Company Build Network event

How to Make a Transformation Stick
Thad Sheely, VP, New York Jets

Understanding Online Advertising: Beyond the Click
​With Doubleclick, Bay Street Group and AICPA

Articles, Presentations

Drones for Business Owners & Investors (PPT)
Positive uses of drones for commerce and social good

Beyond the Click Case Study (PDF)
Maximizing advertising ROI in B2B media.  Free report.

Like It or Not, You Need to Be a Writer
8 Keys to Better Brainstorming

Common Implementation Mistakes of Going Paperless
Top industry experts reveal best-practice procedures and how to avoid errors.

Hybrid Job Positions
As silos break down, titles and descriptions are morphing.

Your Blog's Multiplier Effect
​Taking the high ground

Why Professionals Need to Be on LinkedIn
Social media doesn’t kill businesses. Lousy posts do ​

Don't Ignore the Email Intro Lines
The first 2-3 lines can be just as crucial as the subject line

Social Media
Online Marketing B2Beat (Blog)

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