“I have had the privilege of working with HB for over 10 years on many successful web-based financial ventures. They're unique blend of content development, business development and team leadership skills has added tremendously to every initiative. Their entrepreneurial instincts continue to help us unlock opportunities that others often fail to see and his humor reminds everyone on our team how important it is to have fun while we are doing well.”  

John Bowen, President & CEO 
CEG Worldwide, San Martin, CA

“Hank and I collaborated on a project that was very important to my practice. For me, it was pretty overwhelming. He is highly organized and helped to break the project down into manageable parts. He was a joy to work with and I could not be happier with the final results.”

Stephen Haidt, Founder, Retirement Advisors, Inc.  Mobile, AL​

“I have worked with HB for more than three years, and can tell you that they are amazing business partners who have become an invaluable extension of our staff. Whether they are taking the lead on a project, or merely lending valuable support, the experience and expertise they bring to our organization is first-rate. In addition, Their easy-going nature and flexibility make them a pleasure to work with. Hank and his team are an incredible asset!” 

Dana Plotke, Marketing Manager
Naylor, LLC, Gainesville, FL

“I've worked with Hank Berkowitz regularly for the past few years on content for a weekly e-newsletter. He has been an excellent writer, editor and all around collaborator from day one. His ideas are intelligent, his writing is crisp and actionable, and his edits are on the money. He's also a terrific project manager who makes sure deadlines are met and the ship runs smoothly. Can't ask for more than that.” 

Mark Klimek, Freelance Financial Journalist
Portland, ME

“Hank has shown great ability to identify what the critical needs of a business are and work smartly to fulfill them. He has an enviable combination of intelligence, diligence, and creativity.” 

Jonathan Moreland, President
Insider Insights.com | Insider Asset Management NY, NY

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Gary Klaben, President
Coyle Financial Counsel, Glenview, IL

“They never miss a beat. Keenly attuned to both the strategic and tactical opportunity. Fiercely reliable. A pleasure to work with.” 

Rick Telberg, President 
Bay Street Group Research | CPA Trendlines East Hampton, NY

“Hank is a creative individual with the ability to strategize and also implement his ideas. He’s a quick study about new businesses and easily sees opportunities to capitalize on, and then moves forward to make them a reality. He has an intelligent sense of humor and is great to work with.” 

Nancy Karns-Johnson
Product Mgmt. Legal, Tax & Accounting
Los Angeles, CA

“Hank and I collaborated on a number of projects over the years. He is a highly astute professional with a knack for detail.” 

Dave Trenck, Product Manager, 9W Search, formerly VP Operations EDGAR Online, 
St. Petersburg, FL